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Blue chocolate chip Cookie Monster cookies
20min · 5 servings ingredients: 1 ½ sticks of butter • ¾ of 1 cup brown sugar • ½ cup of white sugar • 1 egg • 1 egg yolk • vanilla extract • blue food coloring
the pancakes are stacked on top of each other
there is a cake with chocolate and candy on it
two chocolate cookies and one cookie on a cutting board
a birthday cake with french fries on it and the words here is what my father did when i told him i didn't want cake for my birthday
Hahaha!! This is a better way to gain calories! -UNILAD
a hand holding a chocolate chip ice cream sandwich
two pictures one with green grapes and the other has red plastic wrap around it's fingers
Eat Or Pass?😍
a chocolate chip cookie cake cut in half on a cutting board
a hand holding a chocolate chip ice cream sandwich
mrsandmrstyles †
a person holding up a cookie in their hand with a quote on the back of it
a platter filled with lots of different types of snacks and desserts on it
Bachelorette idea
a person holding a cup filled with ice cream and chocolate chip cookies