Yummo David Giuntoli

David C. Giuntoli (born June is an American actor currently in Grimm as Nick Burkhardt.

Jessie Pavelka

Fifty Shades Of Hot on

If this guy doesnt play Christain Grey. then I wont see the movie. His real name is Jesse Pavelka.

David Giuntoli {Grimm}

NBC Pilot 'Grimm' Finds Its Lead

Mark Ruffalo + Barba

three mark ruffalo haikus your lips are too dry pressed together to whistle rub your beard on me with your post sex hair you make all the ladies swoon i really mean me and you could be mine just like.

Colírio de Sexta: Christian Göran

christian göran Bearded men I love how this man always has a smile on his handsome bearded face

Jake Gyllenhaal.

My favorite thing about Jake? Aside from the ridiculous body, he looks like a real guy, not a movie star. Oh, and he cracks me up.