Pull Tabs

Pull tabs from soft drink cans.I remember when sodas had these pull tabs. They were so sharp and dangerous!

Simon #80's

I remember this game! So much fun yet so tricky at the same time

Bingo. I remember those wooden bingo pieces.

vintage wooden bingo call numbers-my bingo game came with these!

The original McDonald's menu

The original McDonald's menu. There just was no fast food. The first fast food was the A&W Rootbeer stand. Didn't eat at McDonald's till I was in High School.and then had to go to another town.

Handwritten Letters.

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I love old letters. but it's sad that my kids and grandkids won't be able to experience the same enjoyment since writing hand-written letters are so scarce these days. let's don't lose the enjoyment of hand-written letters!

This is what we did before texting :)

passing notes in class.way before texting. lol this brings back so many fun memories trying not to be caught passing notes and finding new ways to fold them up ;