Maël Boutin

Maël Boutin
Québec / Directeur artistique, illustrateur, peintre et musicien. Après 2 ans au Brésil, vit à Montréal depuis août 2016.
Maël Boutin
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The Andromeda Galaxy (M31) is the closest large galaxy to the Milky Way and is one only ten galaxies that can be seen unaided from the Earth...

Mysterious Stars Surround Andromeda's Black Hole - Credit: © 2002 R. Gendler, Photo by R. GendlerThe Andromeda Galaxy photographed with a telescope by amateur astronomer Robert Gendler. How beautiful.

Jupiter, el más grande del sistema solar.

Mass one-thousandth that of the Sun but is two and a half times the mass of all the other planets in our Solar System combined. Jupiter is classified as a gas giant along with Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Jupiter's Storm - Tempestade em Júpiter

Jupiter's Great Red Spot (GRS)-used this general idea in my painting Time in Space / texture / ellipse / gazeux / nuages / jupiter

The planet Mars. Compañero de viaje.

A handout of the European Space Agency ESA shows a visualisation of Mars, created from spacecraft imagery. ESA's first mission to the Red Planet is Mars Express.