corazones de fieltro

Door reminder to love yourself and that you are loved-each girl could make one colour and give it to the rest of the girls? They could then make their own multi-coloured chain?

Easy DIY cardboard pom pom maker

DIY cardboard pom pom maker

DIY cardboard pom pom maker This makes it so easy instead of having to pry off of the wrapped item!

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Cómo hacer pompones con un tenedor

How to make tiny pom poms with a fork. Wrap yarn around fork until fat, then cut. Take a small piece of yarn and tie entire bunch together so that the knot fits through the prongs of the fork. Take off of fork and cut all the loops.

Resultado de imagem para pompon sleutelhanger

Gypsy Waltz would love these super boho tassels to hang on our purse or tote bag!


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enrolador de cabo

DIY Tutorial craft tutorials / How to make a headphone cord winder - Bead&Cord

#Pompons amb forma de cor / #Pompones con forma de #corazón.

Last year I vowed to add pompoms to everything I knitted. Now that I could make hart shaped pompoms easily I have to start over again cove.

Bolsa para telemóvel

Bumble Bee Felt Sunshine Yellow Case for iPhone by TheCuriousCaseLLC. Could alter size for any phone.