Collares de crochet, se pueden añadir perlitas.

Crochet Circles for Necklace or Bracelet cute mexican folk art style crochet necklace craft idea - start mith metal "circles," sc around until completely covered, fasten. Why not just crochet tiny sc circles and skip the metal center?


Gold crochet-knit Button fastenings along front acrylic, Lurex Hand wash

Vestido Blanco Medios Circulos Patron - Patrones Crochet

Irish lace, crochet, crochet patterns, clothing and decorations for the house, crocheted.

CROCHET PATTERN fox wolf hooded chunky poncho Max por MukiCrafts

This is a crochet pattern for hooded fox poncho Max. The poncho is worked with basic stitches and super bulky yarn, seamed from the shoulders. Work it in gray yarn to make it into a Wolf poncho.