mason bees

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St04 by ClaudeG on DeviantArt

Canon 7D - Canon100 macro - 36mm tube - Canon 1.4x St04

Solitary Bee Week

There are over 240 species of solitary bee in the UK alone. Here are just a few of them, shared by our friends on Twitter. If you have solitary bee photos you’d like to share, join in with our monthly #solitarybeehour .

ladybug-life-cycle (for context only)

This chart is for context only. A ladybug colony is flourishing in my front yard! There were a lot more than I was able to get shots of.

Osmia cornuta - Gehoornde metselbij (5)

They are out again since last friday (male Osmia cornuta, Megachilidae, Hymenoptera). Handheld fieldstack of a passive male. Images assembled in Zerene Stacker (Pmax & Dmap). Sony A6500 + Metabones adapter + Canon EF-S 60mm 1:2.8 USM; ISO-400, f/4, 1/160s,-0.3step, natural light, clear. Gear and methods used, see:

Get Ready Now to SUPERCHARGE YOUR GARDEN in the Spring

Everything you need to know about Mason Bees one of America's most effective pollinators in nature. How to attract these super pollinators and Mason Bee Houses.

Bee covered with pollen inside a flower

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How to Attract Mason Bees to Your Garden (And Why You'd Want to!)

Mason bees are good for the garden, helping with pollination! Here's how to attract mason bees to your garden + 5 myths about them that will surprise you.

Mason Bee at 5x by dalantech on DeviantArt

I went out early in the morning when the bees are just starting to get active to get this shot at five times life size. In the morning a lot of solitary... Mason Bee at 5x

Insektenhotel- und Nisthilfen-Shop

Der Shop für Insektenhotels und Nisthilfen vom Wildbienenschreiner. Bei uns erhalten Sie professionell gerfertigte Insektenhotels und Nisthilfen, die auch funktionieren und gleichzeitig eine Augenweide sind.

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Nesting for wild bees This nesting tool consists of 10 milled MDF wood fibre boards with 11 milling grooves each. The Nistgänge have a width of 8 mm. This size is ideal for settling the two types of wall bees horned and red wall bee. The red Wall Bee prefers 6-8 mm, the horned wall bee 7-9 mm in diameter. The individual plates are securely pressed by a stainless steel screw and a stainless steel ring nut between the two cover plates of coated waterproof multiplex plywood, so that even…

Country Lore: Mason Bee ‘Boxes’ - Homesteading and Livestock - MOTHER EARTH NEWS

Want to attract mason bees to your orchard or garden? Provide bee boxes where they can lay eggs and reap their benefits.

Keeping Mason Bees Guide (How to Attract Mason Bees)

This article focuses on mason bees, closely related to the honey bees, and their amazing benefits and strengths. Know how to attract the mason bees and raise them for growth.

How To Help Mason Bees Thrive And Survive

Mason bees are “solitary bees,” meaning that unlike honey bees, they do not form a massive colony. These hard-working native pollinators emerge from their cocoons in the spring and begin the process of nesting in specialized tubes. In each tube, a female mason bee might lay as many as six or seven eggs, and she’ll provide a food source (a big ball of pollen and nectar) for each egg. The eggs and food stores are each separated into their own cell, and then the tube itself is capped with a…

Mason Bee Nesting Systems

Cardboard or Paper Tubes – Prefabricated cardboard tubes are readily available and Mason Bees will happily nest in them. Try to use 6″ long tubes as the shorter lengths will only result…