Collar de círculos de ganchillo

Crochet Circles for Necklace or Bracelet cute mexican folk art style crochet necklace craft idea - start mith metal "circles," sc around until completely covered, fasten. Why not just crochet tiny sc circles and skip the metal center?

crochet clover diagram

Pretty Flowers, Crochet designs, diagrams, how to's and ideasCrochet four leafed Clover, bookmark idea

Flor Esquema Diagrama Patrón Ganchillo Crochet

alice brans posted Crochet Flower - Chart to their -crochet ideas and tips- postboard via the Juxtapost bookmarklet.

#Corazón de #Crochet 1 (grande) | #PatronesValhalla

Perfect for beginners. =) Today, I wanna share with you the pattern of this pretty , easy an.

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