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THE KANE CHRONICLES!!!! carter's locker

THE KANE CHRONICLES! I always wanted to try this combo in every locker at my school just to see if it would open. Unfortunately, I don't live in the USA so our lockers aren't like that :P

Walk Like an Egyptian  Zia Carter Sadie

Walk like an Egyptian :)zia rashid,carter kane and sadie kane! walk like a champion!walk like a champion!

Riordan High<<<This. This needs to be a thing. Hey you! Fandomers! GO MAKE THIS A THING!!

Riordan High by Annabeth Chase with Carter Kane studying, plus Sadie Kane with Percy Jackson in detention! XD Someone write fanfic about this and give me the link.

Walt, Jaz, Sadie, Zia, Carter, and Anubis

the Kane chronicles. she wears combat boots and i wouldn't really call those combat boots, but pretty close i guess.