KEEP CALM and THINK of the BEACH!...


Can't wait til' Summer! Go to the beach every day! Does anyone else love California and the BEACH as much as I do? Good thing I live here!

yes please.

Keep calm and go to New York. Actually, I don't think you can be calm in New York, way too busy.


It's a fact: Pinning can be highly therapeutic. Pass it on. Yes I am in Pinning Therapy right now.

Never judge someone's taste in music. You never know what song keeps them sane.

Music is my life. I make music, I write music, I produce music, I play music, and I'm ALWAYS listening to music. I got great feedback and I am in therecording process of a new project.

Words to live by.

the only "keep calm" thingymabob I'll ever pin, and only because painting my nails is SUPER calming

keep calm

Keep Calm (Labrador)

Ginger Oliphant ‘Keep Calm’ Labrador Framed Art Print - modern - Artwork - Amanti Art

keep calm! stitched by Vicky DeAngelis

*****Love the background and Paw. Newest Designs - Unique Designs needlepoint for fun keep calm canvas


Keep Calm and Sleep! Super cute and true. The keep calm etc things are very big right now.