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NIGHTLOCK® LOCKDOWN Door Barricade for Schools & Office

Nightlock Lockdown is a fast, simple way to barricade a door during an Active Shooter event. Works on inward or outward swinging doors. Visit us today.

Comes complete with easy instructions, matching screws and plastic anchors for mounting on ceramic tile, marble or concrete floors.  Specs:   	Overall dimensions: 10-½” length x 3-⅛” height  	Floor Plate: 7/16” thick  	Lock Rail: 9-¼” length x 3” height  	Made of solid, extruded 6000 series structural Aluminum  	Anodized finish for durability  	Available in Bright Brass #14001, Brushed Nickel #14002 or Dark Bronze #14004

NIGHTLOCK© Door Security Devices for Home and Apartments

Deadbolts and chains aren’t enough to protect your home from break-ins and kick-ins. Weak door frames and wood trim shatter and splinter when forced. By the time an alarm goes off, it’s already too late. The NIGHTLOCK® Door Brace is a barricade that uses the strength of the floor to withstand tremendous force. Easy to install and simple to use, NIGHTLOCK works on standard doors, sliding doors and french or double doors. Available with two mounting options, it also accounts for multiple…

Home security tips like ways to secure your patio doors.

23 DIY Hacks to Burglar-Proof Your Home

You don’t need to spend a fortune to keep burglars at bay. Here are some inexpensive (yet very effective!) DIY home security ideas.

Safe Home Security Tips

Keep your home and your loved ones safe—even If you don't have an expensive home security system. Our tips will help you protect yourself with

Nightlock Lockdown for front door

Classroom Lockdown Archives | Nightlock

School Lockdown classroom barricade device for extreme emergencies

Security Door Brace. The OnGARD OnGUARD Prevents Burglaries & Home Invasions

Security Door Brace

The OnGARD security door brace prevents burglaries and deadly home invasions. Withstands up to 1775 Lbs of violent force, easily defending against battering rams, door kicks ins, and shoulder slams. Locksmith Approved!

Little Understood Home Safety and security Idea Several which Come Directly From the White Residence!

Little understood useful home protection pointers-. As if you just weren’t stressed sufficient with the economy in its existing state, currently you need to bother with your house being gotte…

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Portable Security Door Device

Portable Security Door Device

Portable Security Door Device...

A door bar would be ideal for peace of mind at home. You could get a security system, or a new lock, but nothing compares to this! Just look at it, it's a solid bar of steel on the door. #homesecuritydiytips - Home Security, Security Door Bar

The Doorricade security door bar is the most effective door bar on the market today. This innovative device replaces the conventional chain lock and deadbolt.

Tips to make your home more burglar resistant without spending a fortune.

23 DIY Hacks to Burglar-Proof Your Home

You don’t need to spend a fortune to keep burglars at bay. Here are some inexpensive (yet very effective!) DIY home security ideas.

Use the Zombie Bar to Secure Your Doors Against Burglaries and Home Invasions Posted on January 15, 2014

Surprisingly Effective Home Security Tips: Take Control!

Lots of people realize the importance of home security, but not everyone possesses lots of knowledge of it. To really know how to protect your house along with its contents, learn all you can about…

Do It Yourself (Do It Yourself) Home Safety – Simple For The Newbie

There are several DIY residence safety and security systems as well as specific items offered on the competitive market today that can be set up by the specific homeowner with family member simplic…

The Burglarybuster 2 French Door Keyless Cuff Lock - YouTube

The Burglarybuster 2 French Door Keyless Cuff Lock

The Burglarybuster 2 French Door Keyless Cuff Lock

SEE-SAFE Home Security Door Bar Lock Barricade 44"

SEE-SAFE Security Door Bar System SEE-SAFE Security Door Bar is a door frame mounting product that has been patented and tested to withstand several pounds of resistance. SEE-SAFE Security Door Bar System is constructed of 2 - 4" long x 1/4" thick aluminum angle extrusion with 4 pre-drilled holes using 4- 2 1/2" lag bolts on each side to mount into the frame studs of your home. The SEE-SAFE Security Door Bar Lock is easily mounted and easy to use. MODEL 1 Only $129.99 *Click here to watch…