Planning to stay on the beach a while.....

Maldives – beautiful island country off the coast of India and Sri Lanka. I can already smell the salty air and feel the beach breeze through my hair!

Focus:Natural light focused onto the ripples of water and the smooth sand. Contrast between the real water color and the water effected by the light helps show focus.


Moonrise over Corona Del Mar, Newport Beach, California, USA, photo by Charles. Sunrise over a sand dune at Christmas Rock in the Eastern Ca.

Hypostyle hall of the memorial temple of Ramesses II n Luxor, Egypt

Egypt has always held a special place in history as being a place of both ancient culture, and adventure. Hypostyle hall of the memorial temple of Ramesses II BC), Dynasty.

Egyptian Louvre Pendant. Triad of #Osorkon (Isis, Osiris, and Horus). Gold and lapis lazuli figures, H: 9 cm. 10th-6th BCE, 22nd Dynasty (874-850 BCE)

Title: Osiris, Isis and Horus Time: B. This is a Statue of the Egyptian god of Osiris Isis and hours together. It is made out gold and lapis lazuli.

Hawaii vintage travel poster USA

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Hawaii Land of Surf and Sunshine Waikiki Beach Surfing Retro Vintage Tin Sign by Poster Revolution

Honolulu Hawaii

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