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Fire Season by Zeta-Haru

Commission for Alex_Nighthound on FA Experimented on this one having a ref provided by the commissioner and painting directly, not sure if it looks bett.

Silverstreak- shecat, no mate or kits. She is fierce, loyal, and courageous. She is basically built for speed. With her silver fur and her stunning blue eyes, she's impossible to miss. As beautiful as she is, she has no mate. Rarely losses battles or challenges, and she is VERY protective of her clan and her loved ones. Her age is about 16 moons, another fact is that she can swim very well and loves the water.

Raindapple:formerly a clan cat, left to join BloodClan. A very excellent fighter, often impresses Scourge by her techniques. Bloodclans medicine cat, but the same clan rules don't apply to her. Has a soft side, rarely shows it.


Lavenderflame is quiet, like her mother. She's the smallest of her siblings but the fiercest (only fierce when necessary) . She doesn't usually like fighting, and she enjoys hunting.

Warrior Cats - Silverstream by VanyCat on @DeviantArt

This is how I've imagined Silverstream from the first series of warrior cats's book! Silverstream © Warriors cats Art © me Warrior Cats - Silverstream

Mapleshade | Fanart by DragonWarriorCat.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

For LotusLostInParis's AWCC (All Warrior Cats Challenge) I used my killer Queen Design: Art and Design (c) Me Mapleshade (c) Erin Hunter Mapleshade

when your life is devastation [SPEEDPAINT] by DoctorCritical.deviantart.com on @deviantART

just a little cat lineart I did, I liked it, so I held a little arms' race to see who's random OC I wanted to use - I decided on ShadowcIaw's Crowkit be. when your life is devastation [SPEEDPAINT]