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Tissue Paper Flowers Gift Wrapping Tutorial

Giftology: How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers Learn the art of gift wrapping from the experts at Hallmark. Watch our easy video tutorial to see how to make your gift stand out with a DIY tissue paper flower: five sheets + fold + fluff = fabulous!

Fadas numa jarra! Corte um Glow stick ao meio e despeje o conteudo numa bela jarra. adicione glitter diamante, tampe a jerra e agite. Dá pra usar como enfeite de mesa numa festa, ou pendurar nos galhos de uma arvore! Lindo!

FAIRIES IN A JAR.Is your little one still afraid of the dark. Fairies in the Jar might just solve that problem. To make Fairies in a Jar: Cut a glow stick & shake contents into a jar & add diamond glitter Seal the top with a lid Shake

ATELIER CHERRY: Mini-bolsas de papel

9 of the simplest and most creative tutorials for adorable gift wrap. Cute DIY gift wrap ideas for packages, wine bottles, gift bags, gift cards, and more.