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Steven universe,фэндомы,Lapis Lazuli,SU Персонажи,Garnet (SU),Pearl…

Another new print for AVCON I’m so glad to have finally made a decent fanart for one of my favourite shows! I’ve been a huge fan since the beginning and it continues to feel me with joy I’m trying to get better with creating scenes and stories for.

Garnet_Day 1I MADE FANART!surely we must look to the skies to make sure it is…

thesteamhat: “Garnet_Day 1 I MADE FANART! surely we must look to the skies to make sure it is not raining fire, surely the endtimes is come, ohohihohihawh ”


I drew a big ol’ Steven Universe scramble, I really like how it turned out! If you come see me at Otakon I’m gonna be selling it as a print. Steven Universe is a good show and I’m super glad kids have it! Some of the episodes are hit or miss for me.