Manuela Bressani

Manuela Bressani

Manuela Bressani
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Herbs, Spices, Nuts. Hand drawn set. by chelovector on Creative Market tatuajes Spanish tatuajes tatuajes para mujeres tatuajes para hombres diseños de tatuajes

Want to try to paint these ----- Art Journal Project ----- Herbs, Spices, Nuts. by chelovector on Creative Market

Star gazing tattoo ❤️

Star gazing tattoo ❤️ i always see this and think its a skeleton hand coming over a cliff or something so i read the caption and remember. so if i got this tat id make it a skeleton hand instead -high mo


:D I& love a deer like this, with my other origami animals! I& get it lightly shaded in a light brown, and the outline in a darker, chocolate brown.