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10 overlooked novels: how many have you read?

From Don Quixote to American Pastoral, take a look at the 100 greatest novels of all time

Comic books: A freakish kind of writing

From Punch to V for Vendetta, comics have a rich heritage, but have always antagonised the literary establishment. Paul Gravett, curator of the new British Library exhibition, wonders why

The novel is dead (this time it's for real)

In the week the author's ninth novel was longlisted for the Booker prize, he talks to Elizabeth Day about writing as a woman and his potentially fatal blood disorder

Michael Lewis: 'Wall Street has gone insane'

Michael Lewis: 'Wall Street has gone insane' Flash Boys, an exposé of the murky world of 'rigged' high-frequency trading, has sold c.

Perhaps it doesn't matter if the Daily Mirror's weeping child is a lie | Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown: The Mirror's front page picture illustrating a food banks story in Britain is of a child in San Francisco. But all photographs have a problem with authenticity

Britpop wasn't perfect, but it was ours | Elinor Davies

Elinor Davies: I'm puzzled why this wave of nostalgia for the likes of Blur and Oasis has annoyed people quite so much.

Capitalism simply isn't working and here are the reasons why | Will Hutton

Occupy was right: capitalism has failed the world.One of the slogans of the 2011 Occupy protests was 'capitalism isn't working'. Now, in an epic, groundbreaking new book, French economist Thomas Piketty explains why they're right

Walking down Main Street USA

Tourists look across the lawn to the White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC

The People: The Rise and Fall of the Working Class 1910–2010 – review

In the tawdry benefits debate, no politician speaks of moral obligations – so I will

What to eat in the three days before running the London marathon

Athlete and cook Kate Percy offers a foodie guide to the crucial few days leading up to the London marathon and suggests the ideal pre-race supper for the night before and pre-race breakfast

Why aren't Europe's young people rioting any more? | Costas Lapavitsas and Alex Politaki

Costas Lapavitsas and Alex Politaki: Denied their dreams of education and jobs, young people have been sapped of rebellious energy.

Ten kitchen tips every cook should know

Felicity Cloake: Browning meat is important, white sugar is boring – and don't get hung up on cooking temperatures. The Guardian's food writer shares the lessons she has learned the hard way

Germany asks: is it OK to laugh at Hitler?

The Führer starred in a 2012 comic novel by Timur Vermes. Its success suggests Germans now see Hitler in the same way as the rest of the world does, writes Philip Oltermann