Photo Balloons--such a cute idea for an anniversary party or milestone bday

love this idea for a graduation party or special birthday . photos hanging from balloons to create a chandelier over a party table.very fun party decoration and conversation starter. Great for anniversary party. Gather photos from over the years.


The 20 most romantic wedding photos of 2013 - Wedding Party. all of these pictures are stunning. Forehead kisses though

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We all have that one friend who is over-enthusiastic.

Dog - why can't we be friends? Cat- because, you are a dog, covered in fleas and you pee on everything and lick everything. Do you understand? Dog- no! Cat- I'm clean- your dog! Scout loves cats but they never want to play

When those balloons from the past become something meaningful in your future. Embracing what the past taught you in order to see the beauty of the present.

A kiss in the sun at the beach with a bike and balloons. I love the splash of color that the balloons add to the golden tones and silhouette in the rest of the image! Could be the perfect date 😀

Birthday decor idea!

Awesome idea:birthday party decor,take diffrent color table cloths and tape them to to ceiling like that. Then tie 3 diffrent color balloons together and tape them to another set of balloons then tape the all the balloons in the middle of the table cloth.

photos attached to helium filled balloons

Balloons with memories on a string - sweet birthday idea! Balloons with memories on a string - sweet birthday idea! Balloons with memories on a string - sweet birthday idea!


:) Apparently "Be Careful" is used in Spanish when you want to say Beware. So this says "Be careful with the dog, he has feelings.


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"Little Children on a Bicycle" Mural at Armenian Street Wall painting by Ernest Zacharevic in my lovely hometown- George Town, Penang, Malaysia.