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an open book with spanish text on it Study, History, Historia, Escuela, Literatura, Leis, Study Info, School, Study Notes
Cronologia historia do brasil
an info poster with the words,'o que e pipb?'in spanish and
◙ ☼ Resumos Geografia ☼ ◙
Ideias para Bullet juornal
Ideias para Bullet juornal
a tweet with an image of a man's face and the caption that reads, matentaica enem sem sempre cati Studio, Psicologia, Vida, Frases, Exam Study, Learn English, Study Guide
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an open notebook with some writing on it
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a green poster with instructions on how to use the spanish language for writing and speaking Learn Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese Grammar, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese
Como Passar em Concurso Público
Conheça a melhor forma de Como Passar em Concurso Público com quem já é considerado o Recordista Brasileiro de Aprovação Concursos Públicos. #metaconcursopublico #concursospublicos #concursopublico #aprovadoemconcursopublico #fuiaprovadoemconcurso #passaremconcursopublico #estudarparaconcursopublico
the number of people who are in spanish Phrase
Autores de livros para o público 'teen' dão dicas para se fazer um bom texto
an image of a page with the words google drive written in black and white on it
an image of a page with the text in spanish and english on top of it
the tweet has been posted on twitter Friedrich Nietzsche, Mental Map, Memes Status