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Love this cart. The team at Mission Coffee Co. has always hung its hat on the idea of craftsmanship, from brewing coffees to building and outfitting much of Mission's flagship cafe in the Columbus, Ohio, Short Nor.

Cargo bike by Metrofiets

We build customized vending solutions for many types of business needs. If you need to vend it, haul it or make a marketing splash with your street team, a Metrofiets cargo bike is for you!

Marley Coffee Bike Cafe

Marley Coffee Jamaica and its sister operation Jammin Java are pushing for growth through the franchising of mobile cafés in partnership with BikeCaffe Limited.

Start your bicycle burger business right now. Is low cost, ecofriendly and can be very proffitable.

Food bikes for sale – Sell burgers on the bike

Food cart - Attract more customers to your bike stand Food stand with tasty barbeque flavours will attract you more customers and give you a perfect opportunity to advertise. With your delicious recipes all you need is our food bike to

Pedal-powered mobile coffee-making machine for off-grid selling of quality espresso with a compact footprint and near silent ultra-low carbon human-powered operation  Velopresso

The Velopresso This pedal-powered mobile coffee-making machine uses a grease-free carbon belt drive system that also serves as a custom made grinder. 5 seconds of pedaling in the Velopresso is enough for a double shot.

Bike cart

Velopresso Espresso Vending Tricycle - an espresso vending tricycle. Fully self-contained, the trike features an ingenious pedal-powered coffee grinder and a gas-powered espresso machine.