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CONFLICT STYLE: ( Competing) People that have this style put their interest before others. A lion is used to represent competing conflict style because it uses its strength to get what it wants.

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Características do Beagle - saiba tudo sobre essa raça!

Beagle Puppy - oh gosh, look at that face. I want a wittle beagle to grace my life.

Este filhotinho absolutamente perfeito. | 23 cachorros que vão te deixar mais feliz

Este filhotinho absolutamente perfeito.

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T-T-T-TIGERS TIME!The tiger (Panthera tigris) is the largest cat species, reaching a total body length of up to m ft) over curves and weighing up to kg lb) in the wild. Its most recognisable feature is a pattern of dark vertical st

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Jaguar - People with this power animal generally possess a good command of language, although their words can have a tendency to cut, tear and shred others apart. Learning correct communication skills is of foremost importance for these people.

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Black on Black! by Sue Demetriou Another capture of Athena the black Jaguar – however this time I wanted to do her completely on a black background; a challenge! Still don’t know if I have it right as didn’t have a flash gun and lets face it, I.