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an animal identification and invertibles card game
Animal Classification Digital Task Cards - Vertebrates & Invertebrates are paperless, no prep, self-correcting, interactive and fun! #taskcards #boomcards #animals #classification #2ndgrade #3rdgrade #4thgrade #5thgrade #activities #games #classroom #science
an animal word search page with the words crab and seahorse on it's side
Invertebrate Animals Word Search Puzzle and Craft Activity Freebie - Classroom Freebies
Invertebrate Animals Word Search Puzzle and Craft Activity Freebie as seen on Third Grade Troop
a paper plate crab with googly eyes on it
Disney Crafts
20 Summer Crafts to make with Paper Plates | Spoonful
a man in a blue suit and red bow tie posing for a photo with solar panels in the background
Just Buzzing Around! - Bill Nye Video - Insects
Just Buzzing Around - Bill Nye Video on Insects
a group of bugs and other insect species on a white background with numbers in the middle
Invertebrates - What are Insects?
What are Insects? with lots of resources
a jar filled with lots of different colored buttons on top of a blue tablecloth
Colour Fun #6 - Bottle Top Ladybugs
ladybug counters (made from plastic bottle caps)
a drawing of a bee with black stripes on it's chest
Footprint Bee
Footprint Bee
two intersecting venns with the words insects and mothes in them, both labeled as
Venn Diagram - Butterflies and Moths
Venn Diagram - Butterflies and Moths
an insect word search is shown in this printable worksheet for the classroom
Insects Word Search Puzzle and Craft Activities
Word Search Puzzle and Crafts
two pictures showing the process of making paper cutouts for an animal's vetrebats theme
Animals everywhere! Last week photos
Fish are vertebrate craftivity
butterfly crafts and activities for kids to make
Butterflies for Kids
butterfly crafts, activities and resources
Butterfly Crafts, Activities, Books, and Resources
Butterfly Activities
spider crafts and activities for kids to make
EEK! Spider Craft Activities and Resources
Spiders and Other Arachnids Crafts
a red crab made out of construction paper with googly eyes on it's head
cute crab. Beach craft
a green bulletin board with numbers and pictures on it that say butterflies, caterpillars
Butterfly Life Cycle Activities
Butterfly Life Cycle Diagram, Books, and Videos
a red and black ladybug paper plate on a green surface with two eyes
Ladybug Paper Plate Craft
Ladybug Paper Plate Craft
a red starburst shaped object on a blue background
Sea Urchin Craft Activity
Sea Urchin Craft and Books
three different colored paper flowers on a white surface with blue, yellow and red ribbons
Sea Anemones Crafts Activity
Sea Anemomes Crafts Activity
a white light hanging from the ceiling with clouds coming out of it's sides
Jolly Jellyfish Craft Project #2
Jellfish Craft #2
a man in a bow tie holding up a globe
Bill Nye Video - Invertebrates
Bill Nye Video - Invertebrates
a bulletin board with words on it that say, spiders are can't have
spider research
are, can and have chart
there are many different pictures showing how to put something in the bottle and place it inside
มาจับแมงกะพรุนใส่ขวด ไว้ดูเล่นกันม๊ะ ^.^
Jellyfish in a bottle
several rolls of colored paper sitting on top of a red surface with scissors and tape
Snail Paper Craft Activity