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DIY your Christmas gifts this year with 925 sterling silver photo charms from GLAMULET. they are compatible with Pandora bracelets. DIY : Gift Box from Cardboard

the most perfect crepe recipe ever: 1/2 cup water 1/2 cup milk 1 cup all-purpose flour 2 eggs Melted unsalted butter for greasing pan Blend until smooth. refrigerate at least an hour. grease 9 inch skillet. Pour 1 ladle and swirl quickly around. cook 1 minute or until crepe bubbles. flip, ten secs. Place on wax paper.

crepe recipe: cup water cup milk 1 cup all-purpose flour 2 eggs Blend until smooth. refrigerate one hour. Pour 1 ladle and swirl quickly around. cook 1 minute until crepe bubbles. Place on wax paper.

Ingredi 1/2 xíc de mant derretida, 1/2 xícara de açú 2 ovos 1 xíc de mant 1/2 colher de chá de bicarbonato de sódio 1 xíc de far de milho 1 xícde far de trigo 1/2 colh chá sal 8-10 sls carne de vaca,Preaq o forno a 375º. Misture manteiga e o açúcar, adic ovos e bata. Misture o bicarbonato de sódio, far. de milho, far. e sal. Bata os ingredientes molhados, 1 colher de s de massa com salsicha no meio. Asse 8-12 min.

Alternative to real corn dogs/ Mini Corn Dog Muffins--These were a hit but it took me 3 times to get it right with my oven. I had to end up doing about 10 mins in the mini muffin pan with small amounts of corn bread mix.

Es importantísimo saber esto! por si no sabes que es termino medio, bien cocido y cosas asi! este es un super Tip!

A quick trick to test the doneness of your beef. The fleshy part of your palm mimics the tenderness of your beef. For example, if you like your steak rare, your beef should be as soft as your palm while it's wide open and relaxed.