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It's not really anything I had concurred before but it's something to think about

At first, you are sad at the student having no answers. then you are rooting for the student. then, at the end, you learn the student was Einstein. Einstein was not the best example of a CHristian, so it alsmost numbs the victory.

Science now says what the bible has been saying all along.

Scripture ~ Science confirms the Bible. The bible assertions remained constant while science waffled back and forth, eventually confirming the Bible.

Photo by Modern Reformation

Photo by Modern Reformation

Overview of each book of the Bible

The fastest journey through the Bible you have ever experienced! Understanding the 66 Books of the Bible will orient you with each of God's special books—Genesis through Revelation—whether you're a new reader or a veteran student.

— Ravi Zacharias

If you feel God is far from you, just pray but remember God is always there and he did not leave you at all.