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Aprenda 7 pontos principais para bordados

Here& a simple video showing you seven basic (and most common) embroidery stitches. This quick little showcase covers -- - Back Stitch - Split Stitch - Stem Stitch - Chain Stitch - Blanket Stitch - Satin Stitch - French Knot Recommended books -- - &

Este é outro ponto onde quando trabalhou de perto, tem a aparência de curral.

Hand Embroidery Design: Tutorials for Hand Embroidered Leaves & Flowers, This is great way to stitch leaves using another kind of woven method. Whether the samples below demonstrate how to embroider a leaf or how to embroider a flower, with a few tweaks,

Aprenda o ponto escama de peixe com Mary Corbet

Technique a beautiful guide to Hand Embroidery for beginners and more experienced embroiderers. You can stitch any of pattern using these stitches, If you’ve embroidered any other designs based on Cast-on and Bullion Stitch and French knot stitch techni