Button Art Tree

Not the craft itself but the inspiration: Have kids paint a scene. After the scene has dried, we will take turns with the hot glue gun adding buttons to the picture. - My Crafts Your Crafts

Inspiração: camisetas customizadas com ilhós - moda e customização: ideias para customizar camisetas

Inspiração: camisetas customizadas com ilhós


Estampa felina

DIY Fashion - cat print shirt made with a handmade stamp fabric paint - printmaking idea;

Button Tree Tee Shirt

Fall Button Tree Shirt - If you go to the link, you can zoom in. The tree looks like felt and was sewn on the shirt. (You could probably use another type of fabric.) The buttons have also been sewn.

DIY- Customização de Camisetas

DIY t-shirt update. Decorate a plain tee by adding a pocket in a fun pattern and a strip around the sleeve hem.

Reciclar e Decorar: Customize uma peça de roupa

Customize uma peça de roupa

Dress “Mistress into Maid”. Alteration of old jeans | DIY Fun Tips

The bodice of jeans sundress (master class) / Alteration jeans / hands - patterns, alteration of clothing, interior decoration with their hands - on Second Street

RECICLAGEM DE CALÇA JEANS - 2 | Cortes e Costura


Make It: Sock Bunny - Full Tutorial

Faça você mesmo: decoração de Páscoa com itens reaproveitados

Sock Bunny Craft Tutorial cute kawaii easter rabbit plushie toy pattern tutorial from socks lovely gift