ARTE CON QUIANE - Paps, Moldes, EVA, fieltro, cosido Fofuchas 3D: Modelo del anillo dominante del bolso de la

molde chaveiro bolsinha

Pattern is for sweet keychain purses. Scale up with memory wire for cute little girl bangle purses?

Enfeite fofo de natal com botões forrados

Enfeite fofo de natal usando botões forrados

Dicas de decoração do Ateliê...

Storage Solutions for Small Spaces Get a handle on your craft/office supplies by using a pegboard above a desk. You don’t need a separate room for your office or crafts. This desk would look lovely tucked in the corner of your living room or bedroom.

Maravilhosa em feltro                                      ...

Mudando o visual das cadeiras velhas.