Loom Knitting Waterfall Stitch

DIY Tutorial by Theresa Higby. Learn the simple technique for completing the loom knitting waterfall stitch. This is a single loom knitting stitch.

Toe-Up Slippers Tutorial [Loom Knitting]

Knitting toe-up slippers is a popular project for knitters. Now you can learn to loom knit toe-up slippers or socks using your knitting loom with this loom knitting video tutorial by Tuteate.

cardigan Lily, modèle Froufrou et capucine, en coton guimauve de Citronille

Lily cardigan pattern Frou Frou and nasturtium cotton Marshmallow Citronille

Knitting - Wrapped Stitch

Wrapped Stitch Work with a multiple of 2 stitches, plus 2 Row Purl all stitches (Wrong side) Row Knit 1 *YO, K Pass the YO over the two stitches just knit* Repeat from * to last stitch, K 1 Repeat these two rows for pattern.

Следки спицами | Страна Мастеров

одёжки на ножки