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... Damn it Steven Moffat! And damn you Kripke. Damn you all to hell.

Remember the truck that comes out of nowhere in the last minute of the first season and almost kills them and puts Dean into a coma? It says STEVE MOFFET on the side O.O <- Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Superwholock. And ima cry

BBC to the Fandom

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Our poor hearts

"The blood of the fandom and the tears of the fangirls. // This is my favorite post." It's so true though.

He's such a pretty bride.

Sherlock season New photos from John and Mary’s wedding album -- new photos just released for The Sign of Three, courtesy of BBCOne and Radio Times.

"Perfect post reeks of perfection"

"Perfect post reeks of perfection" :) the problem is the "tv series" that they're talking about is probably Sherlock or Doctor Who.

This is so intense guys, wow, look, click the GIF, it's so serious! *Eheehee*>>>>>this is perf

JUST STOP AND WATCH THE GIF. I don't know which board to pin this to. Do I put it on the Supernatural one, or how about the Sherlock board? Or wait, what about the Doctor Who board? And then there's Tom Hiddleston.