Portugal <3

Floating Umbrellas in Beira Litoral, Portugal…

an umbrella covered walkway in Beira Litoral, Portugal. Umbrellas in Biera Litotal, Portugal;

Bruges, Bélgica

10 cidades medievais para conhecer antes de morrer – Nômades DigitaisNômades Digitais

winter in Brugge, Belgium. So pretty! I've been to Brugge twice but never in the winter. That seems fun! And COLD.

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Heart near Nakahele Blowhole, West Maui, Hawaii (by Rachel Follett (Lovely Clusters))

Ponte da Lua - Taipei, Taiwan

20 pontes mágicas para atravessar pelo mundo – Nômades DigitaisNômades Digitais

Jindai Bridge, Dahu Park (Taipei, Taiwan) Known as the "Moon Bridge", it gets its name from the perfect circle that forms thanks to the arch's reflection in the calm water of the pond.

Manarola, Italy

As 10 cidades mais coloridas do mundo – Nômades DigitaisNômades Digitais

Cinque Terre's cities) againt the rugged coast of the Italian Riviera, Riomaggiore, Manarola, Vernazza, Corneglia & Monterosso. Reachable by Train from La Spezia