Seu cabelo era cócegas na minha cara. E nós nos beijamos por um tempo. Veja a ilustração:

"I wanted to kiss you" by Puuung. "Your hair was tickling my face. And we kissed for a while.

it is good to share with you moments like that watching TV. como é bom compartilhar com você momentos como esse assistindo tv.

Creator's Playground: Grafolio

(Doodle) 같이 있는 시간 by 퍼엉 on

♥ ICE CREAM LOVE ~ "I love ice cream!"  ♥ by Puuung at ♥

Puuung illustrates the Love is series on Grafolio and updates it every Tuesday and Friday.

♥ I GAVE HIM FLOWERS  ~  He was so surprised when I brought him his favorite, fragrant flowers! ♥  by Puuung at  ♥

It's so bad coz I know I do and it's so cute when you go like a little red and then shy away oms 😍😍😍😊😊😊🐙🐙🐙

♥ DATE ~ We had a date under the stars. ♥  by Puuung at ♥

저녁 데이트 (Night date) by 퍼엉 on

You did your best. Don't worry. Everything will be okay.

힘내요. (don't worry) by 퍼엉 on

We hope artworks on Grafolio will function beyond that of a simple portfolio and garner respect as a culture which can be enjoyed by everyone.

"The window with a photographic image of the city,  serves as her doodling book  and sometimes her colorful bedroom."

또 여기서 잠들었어요(Falling asleep here again.) by 퍼엉 on

"Amor é" by Puuung

O amor está nas pequenas coisas... consegues ver-te nestas imagens?

Love is in Small Things: Artist “Puuung” captures those little moments that make love whole in these heartwarming illustrations.