Mariana Sesti

Mariana Sesti

"Criatividade é inventar, experimentar, crescer, correr riscos, quebrar regras, cometer erros, e se divertir." Mary Lou Cook
Mariana Sesti
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Ah! I like so many of these!

Small delicate tattoos, only type I would ever get (if i ever decide to). I love the bow on the hand and the three birds on the shoulder blade. So simple, yet so pretty :) The bow and card deck

Pattern Play Nail Kit

The "PATTERN PLAY NAIL KIT". It suddendly looks easy to get some geometric nail art design done. This kit provides everything you need to get the look in my pin. Love everything tribal.


baby bassett hound mb: big ears, big feet, too cute. I'm waiting for him to throw his head back & let out the cutest puppy howl ever.