The Eyeline

The Eyeliner

Eye Makeup - The Eyeline - generally my eyeliner shape depends on how shaky my line was on the eye - freestyle! - Ten Different Ways of Eye Makeup


** Highlight and contour . Wow Forget the contouring the eye make up and lips make her look like a different person!

i love highlight and contour!

Why does this model look like she has facial hair? lol "How-To: Highlight and Contour Like a Model! Really great step-by-step guide!

Para que serve cada pincel de maquiagem?

Essa diquinha é ótima pra quem se enrola na hora de usar os pincéis corretos para cada fase da make

Highlighting and Contouring

How to get Glowing, Contoured Cheeks (for Day) — Contouring vs Bronzing: I think there’s a lot of confusion regarding bronzing, contouring and highlighting. Bronzing does not equate to contouring.

Madrinhas de casamento: Contorno: produtos e técnicas

Contorno: produtos e técnicas

Para aumentar os lábios, experimente este esquema de contorno simples. | 7 dicas ridiculamente fáceis de maquiagem que vão facilitar sua vida

Para aumentar os lábios, experimente este esquema de contorno simples.

To make your lips look ABAP (as big as possible), try this simple contour map. 7 Ridiculously Easy Makeup Ideas That Will Simplify Your Life

Contouring and highlighting

When you hear “Contour-Highlight”, whose face comes in your mind?for me, it’s Kim Kardashian. And let me show you why. Without contouring, the face looks after…


How to make your lips appear more plump and full using lip liner, white liner and gloss! Try Precision Pencil in Pristine, Precision Pencil Lip Liner in Pouty and Luxe Lip Gloss