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Dental humor - getting your kids to dress up as a tube of toothpaste and a little tooth! Paul L. Vitsky, DDS - pediatric dentist in Fredericksburg, VA @ www.fredericksburgpediatricdentist.com

47 Of The Most Fun Family Costumes Of All Time

Toothbrush and Baby-Tooth Halloween costumes! These kids were probably a daughter and a son to a dentist!

A vida secreta dos super-heróis por Greg Guillemin

A vida secreta dos super-heróis por Greg Guillemin

The Secret Life of Heroes - Artist Greg Guillemin created a series called ‘Secret Hero Life‘ that shows superheroes, such Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin, in their domestic lives doing not so extraordinary activities.

the secret life of superhero. i'd like to print this and post it in the bathroom for my kiddo

The secret life of heroes - The ordinary life of super Heroes by Greg Guillemin - Spiderman: Brushing his teeth.

Secret Hero Life – Pop Icons by Gregoire Guillemin

Secret Hero Life – Pop Icons

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The Paradoxical Illustrations Of Naolito

The Queen of Dental Hygiene: Creating a Healthy Mouth -Toothpaste Part II Here's information on toothpaste and even making your own, the healthy way.

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