Mariana Boucault

Mariana Boucault

I'm Dreamer with an almost unbearable good humor. I also design games :)
Mariana Boucault
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Mass Effect Inspired Vintage Poster Series by ThePixelEmpire, $40.00

This is a Mass Effect trilogy inspired vintage poster series featuring many iconic scenes from the series with unique perspectives.

Bioshock / Propaganda

Bioshock -- first banner you see in Rapture has that line. Perfectly sums up what the city is all about (and why it fell, really).

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OoT, Majoras Mask, and Wind Waker, some of my favorite Legend of Zelda games there have been.

Portal Poster The Cake Is A Lie by WestGraphics on Etsy

pixalry: “The Essential Portal Poster Collection - Created by Dylan West Poster are available for purchase at the artist’s Etsy Shop.