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I'm back on YouTube + Mini Bathroom Tour & CHANEL makeup tutorial — WOAHSTYLE
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Bathroom Design by Daniel Germani
Contemporary, intimate, and sophisticated elements create this balanced Travertine project, Daniel Germani’s proposal for The Bathelier. A clean and serene bathroom full of light in which the designer transports us to the splendor of Rome through surfaces from the new Dekton Pietra Kode collection. A space that transcends the traditional limits of the bathroom, transforming it into a more open and flexible area, steering away from convention. #CBath #CBathByCosentino #TheBathelier
a bathroom with a tub, sink and large round window in it's center
Bathroom Design: Sawaru
Claudia Afshar’s “Sawaru” awakens our sense of touch. A sanctuary that explores the bathroom as a space of connection and self-care. With a play of light tones and soft textures, the designer achieves a personal spa and shelter within the home. A minimalist and relaxed bathroom design comes to life through an interplay of curves and straight lines, generating a perfect rhythm that calls for rest and wellness. #Cosentino #CBath #CBathByCosentino #TheBathelier #BathroomIdeas
a large white bath tub sitting next to two faucets
Bathroom Design: Ceppo
Welcome to “Ceppo,” a private sanctuary where small daily self-care rituals are explored as a means improve overall wellness. In this proposal for The Bathelier, designer Daniel Germani opts for two vanity areas to accommodate the needs of the people inhabiting it. A calm and serene space of generous dimensions makes the bathroom the center of the home. Germani chose Ceppo from the new Dekton Pietra Kode collection to showcase the eternal nature of the space. #CBath #CBathByCosentino
a large bathroom with stone walls and flooring
Bathroom Design: The Resilient House
MUT Design proposes a bathroom space inspired by Roman bath ruins outlined by quarry walls, a nod to Cosentino’s roots. This concept for The Bathelier is conceived as a spa in which the natural and organic dance with the geometric and technological, featuring neutral Dekton surfaces. Dekton powers a calming sensation and highlights the connection of the material with its origin. #Cosentino #CBath #CBathByCosentino #TheBathelier #BathroomRemodel #BathroomDecor
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the bathroom is clean and ready for us to use
Bathroom Design by Claudia Afshar
With “Ananda,” Claudia Afshar pays homage to one of the most elevated states in the human experience: extreme happiness. A daring and warm bathroom design that enthralls you as soon as you walk in. To give it its signature warmth, the designer opted for Umber and Nacre from the Dekton Kraftizen collection, paired with a Simplicity sink elevated by a Dekton Umber pedestal. #Cosentino #CBath #CBathByCosentino #TheBathelier #BathroomIdeas