Corfu Island, Ionian Sea, Greece @Amanda Snelson Malm @Emily Schoenfeld Malm @Kara Morehouse Noskoff

Kerkyra, Greece

I must see blue water Corfu Island, Ionian Sea, Greece. I'd so love to go there.

Venice along the Grand Canal

Five Great Package Holidays that Won't Break the Bank

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February the 14th is just around the corner, and that means that mountains of chocolate, conversation hearts, and roses are currently invading every aspect of your life.

Adorable Disney Valentine’s Day Cards

Tangled valentines day card Pinning this for next year Adorable Disney Valentine’s Day Cards

Saint Marks Square - Venice,Italy | Incredible Pictures

TOP 10 Italian cities you must visit

Saint Marks Square - Venice, Italy We've been to this place twice. There is no place as unique as Venice!