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a cartoon duck taking a bath in a tub
¡Doblado de servilletas para la mesa! 💝
a cartoon penguin saying that it's time to celebrate the new year in spanish
a snowman is holding a wooden sign
a cartoon penguin holding a coffee cup with two penguins around it and the caption reads, oha frio so com caffezzino pra que equacero
an owl is wearing a scarf and sitting on a branch
an image of a cartoon character wearing a hat and scarf with snowflakes around it
a teddy bear wearing a blue outfit with spanish words
Buenos Días Con Frío E05
Pin De Danae Cg En Buenos Dias | Saludos De Buenos Dias
a teddy bear wearing rain boots and holding an umbrella over its head with the words, ruen dia on it
a cartoon duck holding an umbrella in the rain with words above it that say,'born
a cartoon boy with a red hat and yellow jacket
Hilarious, Funny Mom Quotes, Portuguese Quotes
Bom dia a Todos Menos ao Clima.