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Marilia Shewchenko
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18 Common Fashion Mistakes Everyone Has Made

Pin for Later: 24 Fashion Hacks Every Woman Needs to Know Remove Sweater Pilling Use a sweater comb, pumice stone, or pill shaver to help clean off your sweater, but never pull the pills by hand.

Gluten-Free Sourdough Buckwheat Bread Recipe

“Gluten-Free Sourdough Buckwheat Bread Recipe” Ingredients: hulled, whole buckwheat cups); optional sesame seeds or sunflower seeds cup).

Raw Vegan Breakfast Ice Cream Cake - The Colorful Kitchen

Raw Vegan Breakfast Ice Cream Cake- healthy, gluten-free, dairy free ice cream cake you can eat for breakfast! Oats, dates and bananas.

The Global Girl Raw Food Recipes: Raw Hummus with zucchini, cilantro and a secret ingredient! It's vegan and contains no bean.

Zucchini Hummus # Vegan 1 whole medium zucchini 3 cloves of garlic bell pepper of leek base juice of 1 lemon 1 cup sesame seeds 1 tsp Himalayan sea salt bunch fresh cilantro cup water

5 Fermented Foods You Should Be Eating For Better Gut Health

Kefir is a unique cultured dairy product that is high in probiotics. Kefir benefits include healing issues like leaky gut.

Raw Vegan Banana Pudding

I'm in love with this raw vegan banana pudding, actually it's one of my favorite desserts, especially if I add lots of fresh raspberries on top.