#diy laminate pictures and put in mason jars of water

Austin Parking Garage Wedding from Geoff Duncan

Laminate sepia pictures and put in mason jars of water. Much better then the putting pictures in a jar of olive oil!



16 Gift In A Jar Recipes including Quick bread in a bottle: Cool weather puts us in the mood to bake. So why not give a friend a head start? Layer the dry ingredients for this easy quick bread into a milk bottle or mason jar.

apron in a jar...adorable

An apron in a mason jar / canning jar with your favorite recipe attached! There is nothing better than a gift from the heart! You can find canning jars in our Craft Department!

DIY Christmas gift...my favorite combo M and nuts!

If you're looking for inexpensive Christmas gifts to make, look no further than the Christmas Treat Jar DIY Christmas Gift. This project is the perfect last-minute gift. Homemade Christmas gift ideas are a great way to show you care.

how clever is this?!

meal in a jar! picnic, lunch, add small jelly jars filled with pudding, dessert for a complete meal

Photographs in Oil-- very cool!

Picture with olive oil in mason jars for table toppers. Picture with olive oil in mason jars for table toppers. Picture with olive oil in mason jars for table toppers.

in a jar

Smores in a jar chocolate diy recipe recipes crafts easy crafts diy ideas smores mason jars desert recipe food tutorials crafts gifts

Eight ways to decorate bottles and jars - beach style.

Ways to Decorate Jars & Bottles Beach Style Decorate Jar Beach Style Here are a few ideas how you can decorate jars and bottles beach style. jars with twine ribbons and shells Use shells on a string, decorate jar with twine and shells Make twine wrap

More gift ideas

Classic Cocoa

The best Homemade Christmas Presents are sometimes the best present you can give someone! I have compiled a list of the easiest and best Homemade Christmas Presents I could find. There are recipes for Homemade Christmas Presents and step by step.