MAC shadows..... I don't really do my make up very much, but Omg I'd still want ALL of that!!

How To: Organize Your MAC Eyeshadows

Reference for MAC eye-shadow pots. Sushi flower is one of my favorite Mac shadows and I just realized I got mufe watermelon that is a shimmery version of it.

Perfeito e bem decorativo. Comprei a ideia!


Wondering how to keep makeup brushes without them knock into each other?with gravel or some type of grain. by Aeerdna

organizar maquiagens

20 UHeart Organizing: Making Up Pretty Organization

5 COISAS - Fashionismo


Various vessels underneath the flip-open desktop keep small items tidy. Modular containers made of wood, metal, and acrylic divide makeup tools and toiletries. i love that brush holder

Neat idea for hiding all your make-up!

Impressive makeup vanities in Bathroom Contemporary with Bathroom Makeup Vanity next to Vanity Electrical Outlet alongside Trench Drain and Makeup Vanity

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