Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir awww this is soooo cuuute i dont watch it but bc of this i might actually

Okay, my favourite has to be the Calvin and Hobbes one. Which one is yours? I'm curious!

Avengers Attack on Titan Totoro / Sailor Moon How To Train Your Dragon Pokémon Calvin and Hobbes Portal Mario Adventure Time Wreck-it Ralph

Miku is so kawaii!

Casual Hatsune Miku Render by lolitapastelgoth via deviantart. Account is now deactivated though.

Spideypool134 by LKiKAi on DeviantArt

Poor Spidey xDDD Wade loves him so much (?) jaja I love them I hope you like it xD Spidey and Deadpool doesn't belongs to me, they belong to Marvel Programs Sai & PS

DIY chibi marshmallows

Frases de Alegria. Alegre-se!