Lebanon 🇱🇧

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an old building with flowers growing on it's side
Brummana, Matn District - Lebanon
an empty street with snow on the ground and cars parked in front of it,
Bekfaya - Lebanon
an old building sitting on top of a rocky hill next to the ocean with palm trees
Byblos, Lebanon: All You Must Know Before You Go (2024) - Tripadvisor
an aerial view of some old buildings and trees
Jezzine, Lebanon 🇱🇧
the city is surrounded by snow covered mountains
::: Winter/Snow in Lebanon :::
an aerial view of a small town with mountains in the background
Hasroun é um bonito vilarejo na montanha, localizado a 1420 metros acima... (Hasroun)
red flowers line the side of a street lined with buildings