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A t-shirt is one of the most versatile fashion items that a girl could ever have. While it looks perfect in jeans, there are many other bottoms that will look well with a t-shirt. Let me count the ways with these tips on how to wear a t-shirt. T-Shirt .

Essas duas, são amigas a muito tempo, e até hoje são!  duas meninas que parecem ser americanas! Mas não.. são brasileiras, do  Rio de Janeiro  Ana e Júlia, espero que estejam sempre com agente! entre em contato com nós  direção Beatriz Sampaio. Contato profissional. Fazendo suas fotos ficarem lindas!!

Haven't done a qotd in a while, spring is coming up! What are you plans this Spring Break? My best friend who lives in Maryland is coming down to hang out with me :)

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Step up your off-duty look in a white cropped top and light blue denim shorts. A pair of black leather gladiator sandals will be a stylish addition to your outfit.