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La la land

La La Land La La Land is officially my new favourite film so I couldnt not create a poster. City of stars, are you shining just for me? An original piece of artwork created by myself, made up of several techniques, from hand drawn illustration, photo mo

Dream home  = a townhouse in Georgetown as pretty as this one

Minty turquoise blue / green painted house exterior with black shutters in Charleston, South Carolina ****paint the inside of armoire this color******

Esta casa de campo no Canadá pode ser minúscula, mas tem espaço suficiente para uma lareira e cama confortável. O arquiteto Olson Kunding disse: “É tão pequena que você tem que ir para fora. Esta é a ideia de passear!” (Foto: Divulgação/Taschen)

Gulf Islands Cabin in British Colombia Looking for a minimalist experience in the dense woods of the upper Northwest? The Gulf Islands Cabin by Olson Kundig Architects is a modernist dream with just enough Thoreau to have you waxing poetic in no time.