Selection of trees for Photoshop

A huge set of colour trees in photoshop finished in different artistic style, showing both summer and autumn colours. These are ready to be dropped directly into your photoshop visuals. // Colour T.

AKSHAY URJA BHAVAN - net zero office building - Sem VI B

Construction is now on hold for financial factors. Lots of buildings on earth today, which are considered representatives of Modern Architecture, seem to have exceeded all organic limitations in regards to height.

A101 Urban Block Competition Proposal / b4 Architects

Gallery of A101 Urban Block Competition Proposal / b4 Architects - 8

Gallery of Urban Block Competition Proposal / Architects - 8 - Architecture Daily

10 Floor Plans of the Most Famous TV Apartments in the World

This is a house-plan based in the apartment of Carrie Bradshaw from the TV show "Sex & the City" (Not the movie). It's an original hand drawed pla. Carrie Bradshaw apartment from Sex and the City

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