Love the idea of placing similiar shots on the walls

Ideias para decorar parede de quarto de bebê/criança

pictures hanging in room Might be a great idea to have dad take the photos using some of the newborn photo tips and then mount and hang them in the nursery. Love to put one in ea kids room of them All Things Baby,baby l

que tal uma mobilia vintage? aposte em um tom como na foto MAS coloque alguns itens em contra tom, para destaque. Aqui ficaria ótimo um amarelo, lilas ou azul.

Morgan's Nursery

really like the idea of old furniture and refinishing it to make it cute baby furniture . ((this is the idea that I am going to go w/ for the changing table. Upcycle an old wood dresser. starting to look already to find the right one!


Cute idea for a nursery.These are the shutters in my girls' nursery. We've loved having the diaper storage off of the changer surface, but close by.

Super hero party                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

An awesome super hero themed Birthday party. Great idea for a kids dream birthday. I especially like the idea for a PJ Masks theme.

DIY Circle Crib Instruction - DIY Baby Crib Projects [Free Plans]

DIY Baby Crib Projects Free Plans & Instructions

DIY Baby Crib Projects Free Plans & Instructions: Baby Cradles, Baby Cribs, Baby Co-sleepers. Baby Cot Wood Working Furniture Plan and Tutorial

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