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a cartoon character wearing blindfolds and holding his hands to his face while standing in front of a wooden wall
gravity falls pig | Tumblr
the simpsons character is wearing a baseball cap and pointing his finger at something in front of him
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a cartoon character sitting on the ground with a bowl
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rappui from tangled in love with her long blonde hair and green frog on her shoulder
the animated character tangled up with long blonde hair
Quando o bandido mais procurado do reino, Flynn Rider, se esconde em uma torre, ele, imediatamente, se torna prisioneiro de Rapunzel, residente de longa data da torre. Dona de cabelos dourados mágicos com 21 metros de comprimento, ela está trancada há anos e quer, desesperadamente, a liberdade. A adolescente determinada faz um acordo com Flynn, e, juntos, partem para uma aventura emocionante. #Tangled #Disney #Enrolados