Hahahaha I can't even like kookie please stop I'm gonna die lol

Yes and people ask me if I've been referred to a mental institution yet

You said you'd buy me lamb skewers

Jungkook stop! that bodyroll and shirt are a great combination I feel like I can see Kookies abs OMG stop. But then there's Jin at the back being a idiot that's why I love him 😍😘❤

Ahsuahauaha owwntt fofos❤

Just a quick info: K-Jikook/Kookmin shippers and fans in general think that they resemble these cute Kakao Talk stickers and it's so accurate if you go through the entire collection IT'S BEAUTIFUL

Fontes confiaveis confirmam que O menino ai ta alegre pq o jimin vai fazer uma surpresa pra ele e q jungkook adora surpresas

SSS: Jimin uploads Jikook video on valentine's day while they wear couple jackets. Can you be any more obvious?

Ele n é gato?

짐니 ♡ on

“im going to need you to stop for just 30 seconds so i can breathe”


He is literally solid muscle. couldn't help but notice. I didn't do it on purpose, but look at that booty

Quando a pessoa te toca e vc tenta desfarçadamente tira a mão dela e manda um olhar tipo:"Não encosta mais quiridinha! "

My heart ; How can he be so cute but sexy at the same time? Like literally what Jimin