Isadora Marques Cardoso De Oliveira

Isadora Marques Cardoso De Oliveira

Isadora Marques Cardoso De Oliveira
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Topsy Tail 3 ponytails down the center of your head Take the first ponytail and create a hole above the rubber band, and pull the tail through. Repeat for each ponytail and you have a beautiful, simple hairstyle!

TUDO SOBRE CONTORNO FACIAL (contouring) Olá meninas, tenho recebido muitasss perguntas sobre contorno facial. Todo mundo já viu a mágica que esse truque de maquiagem faz né?! As fotos de 'ante e de...

No need to be falsified with all this crap all over my face. I love that I can embrace all of my imperfections. It also helps that my husband lets me know on the regular how beautiful I am without this face mud.

Oiiii Meninas Lindas!! Tudo bom com vocês =)?? Tem Video novo \o/ É uma resenha dessa paleta M-A-R-A-V-I-L-H-O-S-A de Bases e Corre...

Sometimes, a personal budget just won't stretch far enough to buy premium brands of make up. In these circumstances, unless you're willing to go make up free - and who is ever willing to go make up free?


How to contour and highlight your face using cream products; Contouring and highlighting with makeup; Hacks, tips, tricks tutorials;

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Are you looking for a great smokey eye tutorial that will bring out your wonderful eyes perfectly? Try out this smokey eye tutorial for beginners.